Rent Temporary Fencing is the only temporary fencing specialist that can give you the perfect combination of quality products and top notch service. Our inventory is filled with a vast array of chain link products, of which are comprised of different materials (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized iron) to accommodate for your needs. Our crew is well-versed in this trade and is equipped to install any type of fence you’d like at a price that is affordable.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are great because they’re an economical solution for providing security to practically any property within a short span of time. They keep out trespassers, all the while providing a clear view of the entire property, thereby making these products ideal for usage around on-going construction sites. If you’d like to further improve the level of security rendered by your fence, we can do so by adding barbed wire to the fence’s top rail.
At Rent Temporary Fencing, we’ll allow you to select the material used in your fence’s mesh and framework. You’ll also be given the option of selecting the density of its posts, as well as having the finished product coated in weather-resistant PVC.

Event Barricades

In cases where customers host small or large outdoor events, we typically advise them to rent our temporary fences with stands, also known as event barricades. Each segment can stand on its own, and can be linked with other segments to form a border that’s long enough to close-off any area of any size. This product is very portable, thereby making it easy to setup in accordance to your likings.

Wind Screen and Privacy Screen Additions

If strong gusts of wind are a prevalent issue at your property, then you should consider having wind screens installed around your fence. These high quality products were designed to prevent the wind from blowing dust and debris into your property, as well as safeguard lightweight objects from being blown all over the place. Windscreens or privacy screens can also provide you with increased security, and deter trespassers from trying to break in.


Rent Temporary Fencing can also outfit your temporary fence with a sturdy gate that’s large enough to render access to both people and vehicles. Here, you may choose lockable gates measuring 4, 6, and 8 feet in size. We also offer gates that slide or swing open and shut.

Temporary Fencing Rentals for Construction, Remodeling, and Events: